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Chemical Peels

Dr. Fodor offers Chemical Peels in Aspen, Basalt and surrounding areas.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A qualified Esthetician does chemical peels to improve gloss and texture. Dr. Fodor does deeper chemical peels, with an acid solution for wrinkled lines. The face is cleaned to remove any extra oil before the treatment begins.

What To Expect Following A Chemical Peel:

Following Dr. Fodor's procedure, the face becomes white and frosty for a few minutes. This is followed by a deep crimson color. The next day, a small amount of powder Thymol iodide (U.S.P.) is sprinkled onto the treated skin surfaces. For 24 hours, it is applied multiple times. At last, a thick film develops. This thick film will last around five days.

The underlying skin appears reddened and it may require three to six months to return to a normal hue. During this period, the area can be covered with cosmetics as desired but must be protected from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is to be avoided for three to four months.

The crust will gradually pull away on the sixth day, leaving behind pink-colored skin. Patients are encouraged to put on a specially prepared ointment to eliminate inflammation and speed up healing. The underneath skin appears reddish.

It takes three and six months for the color to come back to normal. During this time, the region can be cosmetically covered. But it must be kept out of direct sunlight. Sun exposure should be restricted to four months.

Advantages Of Chemical Peels:

Skin resurfacing, either alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic surgical treatments, allows patients to lessen the accumulated injury resulting from decades of solar radiation and lifestyle variables or environments. Some precautionary skincare routines are crucially significant, which, when utilized consistently, can significantly aid in the goal to live the best life.

Chemical Peel Cost:

Its cost will differ based on your issue and the treatment procedure used. Dr. Fodor will be glad to discuss your options and costs during your visit. You can make a call today to get an appointment for a consultation in Aspen with Dr. Fodor.

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