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Dr. Fodor offers DERMABRASION in Aspen, Basalt and
surrounding areas.

What is Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is a treatment used to enhance the texture of the skin. It is used to remove fine wrinkles and uneven surfaces caused by scars, acne, or other issues.

How Does A Dermabrasion Work?

Dermabrasion is done with rotary gem and Carborum plates. Local anesthetics and sleeping pills or a general anesthetic are used to alleviate the pain.

What Should I Expect Following A Dermabrasion?

A Dermabrasion forms a thick brown coating on the treated area that breaks in between seven and ten days. The underneath skin appears reddish and takes between three and six months to restore its natural color. During this time, the region can be treated with cosmetics if desired, but it should be kept out of direct sunlight. Dermabrasion is mainly limited to the face. The depth of the lesion is "sanded". The thickness of the skin limits the outcomes of a Dermabrasion procedure. Deep, narrow, circular pimple pits react better than shallow scar or acne pits.

What Is The Price Of A Dermabrasion?

The cost of a Dermabrasion will differ depending on the complexity of your issue and the treatment procedures used. Dr. Fodor will be delighted to discuss your options and costs during your visit.

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