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Other uses of BOTOX®

Dr. Fodor offers Other uses of BOTOX® in Aspen, Basalt and surrounding areas.

What is BOTOX ®?

It is the brand name of toxin botulinum. It reduces the activity of facial muscles.

Benefits Of BOTOX®:

BOTOX® is used to provide a cosmetic procedure for facial shape and rejuvenation. Dr. Fodor has vast experience with BOTOX® in addition to aesthetic applications. Cosmetic procedures are used for aesthetic purposes and used to treat:


Injections of BOTOX® can obstruct the dopamine receptors that sense migraine pain.

Increased Sweating:

BOTOX® injections for excessive sweat can impair the nerves that manage glands of sweat.

Muscles Problems:

Injections of BOTOX® can alleviate symptoms of muscular response problems such as cognitive issues, or spinal cord damage.

What Is The Cost Of Botox® Injections?

Injections of BOTOX® cost will differ according to your problem and the treatment strategies used. Dr. Fodor will be delighted to talk about your choices and cost during your visit. You can make a call today to get an appointment for a consultation of Botox Injections in Aspen.

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