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What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Like other cosmetic surgeries, nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty) is a combination of art and science. Because surgery is not an exact science, some of the factors involved in producing the final results are not within the control of the plastic surgeon.

Am I a Good Candidate for Nose Surgery?

In determining if you are a suitable candidate for surgery, your surgeon will review your entire medical history. This will include discussion of any medications you may currently be taking, whether you are a chronic user of nasal spray, or if you suffer from allergies that can cause nasal stuffiness. You should also be honest with your surgeon about any drug use, past or present. If you are a current user of certain drugs, your surgeon will want you to stop, most likely for at least one year prior to surgery.

What Can I Expect From my Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Fodor?

The nose is the centerpiece of the face. More than with any other facial feature, small changes can greatly alter the overall facial appearance. My primary goal in rhinoplasty is to achieve a natural look that fits each patient’s face. Even if major changes are made to the appearance of the nose, if these changes are in harmony with other facial features, they can be hard to pinpoint. People may see that there is something different about the way an individual looks, but they often can’t identify what the difference is. Rhinoplasty is among the most difficult procedures performed by an aesthetic plastic surgeon. No other operation in plastic surgery requires as much from an experienced plastic surgeon in terms of combining innate artistic talent with his or her surgical skills, both of which are necessary to deliver results that will bring a patient’s features into pleasing harmony.

Failure to do so is invariably due to improper analysis of the anatomical imbalance and how to correct it with minimal disturbance to the delicate structures of the nose. The goal of rhinoplasty is a nose that looks natural and blends harmoniously with your other facial features. This operation is often regarded as the most difficult of all aesthetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons, and the most comprehensive training and experience possible are vital to success.

In some cases experience and specialization in handling difficult and sensitive procedures such as complex rhinoplasty cases requires a steady hand that’s seen it all. Dr. Fodor has performed thousands of plastic surgeries including tough rhinoplasty surgical cases. He is an internationally recognized aesthetic plastic surgeon, double board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

When I do a consultation, I have the patient, and sometimes the entire family, sit down in front of my computer, and I use imaging software to illustrate what could be done to the patient’s nose, often including modifications to the chin and mid-face.

This facial balance analysis is extremely important because it helps them truly understand how the face is the sum of its parts and that, for example, a reduction in the size of the nose alone often isn’t enough to achieve the desired result.

If you are having rhinoplasty to correct signs of aging, such as a drooping tip, it can often be accomplished in conjunction with a face lift or other facial aesthetic surgery.

The Consultation

The consultation is a time for the surgeon and patient to get to know and feel comfortable with each other. The patient should feel completely confident that the surgeon is fully qualified. As the experts note, many plastic surgeons consider rhinoplasty to be the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries. Patients would be well advised to only consider a surgeon who has extensive experience with this procedure. Your choice of physician should always be based on training, qualifications, and experience. Also important, however, is the fact that a board-certified plastic surgeon has the range of training and experience to be able to advise you on whether liposuction or perhaps some other surgical procedure may be best suited to achieving your goals.

Peter B. Fodor, M.D., F.A.C.S. is an internationally recognized aesthetic plastic surgeon, double board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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