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Patient Reviews for Dr. Peter B. Fodor

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter B. Fodor, is intently focused on providing every individual who walks through our doors with the best experience possible. From the initial consultation through to the actual treatment and results, Dr. Fodor is committed to delivering the highest quality of care. The following testimonials from some of our patients can give you an idea as to how our entire team strives for excellence in all facets of cosmetic treatment.

Kathleen F.     
Posted 9/19/2019

I found Dr Fodor extremely professional and thorough. He took time to show me the x-rays and explain the procedure he would do and why in regards to removing a large bump on my forehead. Previously I had a consultation with another doctor who was very negative. Reviewing Dr Fodor’s impressive credentials I am confident he will do a great job with my challenge and I feel blessed to have found him.

Heather E.     
Posted 9/17/2019

very compassionate, wonderful bedside manner goes through everything before a process is done and gives you many options and prices right up front. Truly blessed to have found him and the staff is amazing, Julia and Mindy are awesome!

Zachary E.     
Posted 9/16/2019

I am completely satisfied with my overall experience of my outcome results that I received from my surgeon Dr. Fodor, and his office staff. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I would have to say my surgeon Dr. Fodor, for meeting all my expectations, and listening to all of my concerns. Thanks a lot!

Joseph K.     
Posted 9/10/2019

Dr. Fodor is the most minding and expert specialist. He sets aside the opportunity to clarify and respond to every one of my inquiries. He is with you each progression of the procedure and catches up with telephone calls when you are recouping at home. My experience was easy with great outcomes.

Brent W.     
Posted 9/4/2019

I am really happy with my rhinoplasty that I had done with Dr Peter Fodor. I highly recommend getting it done if you are considering plastic surgery. I only wish that I had gotten it done sooner. Everything has changed for the better. I feel better about myself and my outlook on life has skyrocketed. Plastic surgery is not just for women. Thank you so much.

Manpreet G.     
Posted 8/28/2019

Dr. Peter Fodor is very knowledgeable and professional. He is a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica. His staffs are well skilled, and they only use the best and modern equipment/products. I have been coming here from 2 years and always satisfied with service.

Michelle S.     
Posted 8/26/2019

Exceptional plastic surgeon!

Dr. Fodor is a gifted and truly talented plastic surgeon. My daughter and I both had rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Fodor and both of us are extremely happy with our results. Our experience with Dr. Fodor and his staff have been positive from our initial consultation to post surgery bedside manners and follow up appointments. All our questions and concerns were addressed in such a way that made us feel comfortable and we were not nervous about the outcome. Surely, we made the right decision. Our noses both look beautiful, very natural, we can breathe better and the best part is people can’t tell we had rhinoplasties unless we choose to tell them.

Thank you Dr. Fodor for your amazing work and for making us look beautiful!

Kamon C.     
Posted 8/25/2019

Dr. Fodor’s skill in liposuction procedure and depth of experience is unmatched. I had liposuction with him in 2006 and when I decided it was time to do it again, I did not hesitate to choose him. Luckily he has not retired yet!

Brent W.     
Posted 8/19/2019

I am really happy with my rhinoplasty that I had done with Dr Peter Fodor. I highly recommend getting it done if you are considering plastic surgery. I only wish that I had gotten it done sooner. Everything has changed for the better. I feel better about myself and my outlook on life has skyrocketed. Plastic surgery is not just for women. Thank you so much.

Patrick D.     
Posted 8/18/2019

Dr. Fodor was an excellent surgeon. Everything from preoperative visits, the procedure and post-operative care was so thorough and meticulous. I experienced so little discomfort post-op, I couldn't believe it! Dr. Fodor also available by phone with questions after the surgery, even over the weekend. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the procedure. It is much better of a result than I expected. We are lucky to have Dr. Fodor available in the Aspen, Colorado community.

Melissa E.     
Posted 8/16/2019

Dr. Peter Fodor is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Los Angeles, CA. I have been nothing but satisfied with the fillers and fat transfer, he did such an amazing job for me. The staff is awesome, very professional, and very highly qualified.

Yaralian Y.     
Posted 8/13/2019

I went to Dr. Fodor seeking help with a procedure that I felt was fairly common, however, after a consultation, he explained that my situation was much more complicated than anticipated. I consulted a number of other plastic surgeons, none of whom brought these issues to my attention. Dr. Fodor, on the other hand, took his time explaining my options and even consulted his colleagues regarding my situation, in order to determine the best course of action. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. He made himself readily available during my recovery. I believe that he had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. I felt a level of comfort with him and his staff that I did not feel with the other doctors I consulted. Everyone, including Rana, Kathy, and Liz were very accommodating, encouraging, and helpful. Dr. Fodor takes great pride in his work and is very thorough. It is clear that his practice is a passion for him, not just an occupation.

Tasbir S.     
Posted 7/28/2019

I went to Dr. Peter B. Fodor MD FACS to get work done on my nose, but what i got instead was so much more. The minute you walk into the office your are greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces.Dr. Peter B. Fodor MD FACS is the best in this business. After four kids I needed help. I had breast augmentation/lift done and couldn't be happier with my experience. The office staff are all very kind and professional.

Dmitry A.     
Posted 7/25/2019

I am really happy with the result of my face lift surgery done last month. The pain has gone and redness has subsided, I feel really good about myself now. Dr Peter has added another dimension to my face.

Beverly C.     
Posted 7/24/2019

Dr. Fodor is the best! The staff is friendly and caring. I went in for a consultation and he was methodical, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I plan on going to him for my surgery within the next few months.

David S.     
Posted 7/17/2019

Highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon

Johny S.     
Posted 7/14/2019

I went to Dr.Peter Fodor and he transformed my face and MY LIFE. Not only does my face look amazing (20 years younger) but immediately after my surgery, i would recommend cosmetic surgeon los angeles!

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